I found both articles Nobert Wiener and the Rise of Informational Ethics by Terrell Ward Bynum and Ethical Concepts by Kenneth C. Laudon interesting. Both articles really talked about how our society could be coming to a change in the near future and how we need to take precautions in a smart and non-harmful way. In the first article, Nobert Wiener and the Rise of Informational Ethics brought up information about what our society might come to with the increase of robots being produced. In this article, it lists key information on how robots could be the next generation and take responsibility for other jobs. Robots could be a big deal in our society and a huge responsibility and I think planning on increasing robots in the near future could lead to a lot of issues and that's something we need to take the precaution of. The second article Ethical Concepts talks about how certain rules and laws need to be set in our society and how it could impact us. This article could relate to the first one by discussing the concept of how robots should have certain rules that need to be set and followed like us and probably even more than us. Robots are going to be a big impact on our future. So far I'm starting to realize the pros and cons of having robots in our lives because of the amount of responsibility it takes to have and understand what it needs to do at different types of scenarios and situations. This class has taught me many ways of how technology is changing and improving our society. It taught me the aspect of understanding how people think and use technology in positive and negative ways and how we can relate this to our society nowadays.

By: Ali Saad