Technology has always been apart of our society and life. It has been rapidly changed and expanding in every field imaginable. Now and days we have been seeing all over the news and on social media that robots could be the next generation of supporting our society. Many may say there are so many pros and cons towards this and that's 100% true. But if you look at it in a good way robots could be such a big impact in our society by supporting human safety at worksites that are performing risky jobs. Robots could also help us and our community around us by doing tasks that could support our military and population in many ways. In the video, Cynthia Breazeal tells us ideas that robots can be used as a social technology. The examples she gave of social technology talk about how she wants robots not only connecting with things but connecting with people around us and this could be a really big impact on our population in many positive ways. We as humans need to understand that we need to respond to robots as we respond to humans.

By: Ali Saad